Spidercord Exercise

Sanctband Active Series Spidercord, features a unique 4 loop design with handles.

This creates resistance from 8 lengths of tubing. The 4 loops naturally allow for easy anchoring between both hands and feet, making it especially ideal for compound movements involving both upper and lower body.
An upright row to strengthen the biceps and shoulders is given the added challenge of balancing while abducting 1 leg to work the lateral stabilizers of the hip.
A static bicep curl is teamed with 2 lower body movements, the side squat and the back lunge, for added complexity.
The Spidercord can also be used for floor based exercise.
The Spidercord can also be anchored from the middle as we can see here with this seated row.


   Sanctband Resistive Band Workout 

 The video consists of FOUR different exercises,


1. Squat Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

2. Back Lunge with Pull Down

3. Dead-lift

4. Forward Lunge and Chest Press

Their ideal frequency is to exercise each muscle group about twice per week at 2 sets with 12 repetitions. So, grab your Sanctband resistance band, and get ready to work out with us!

   Sanctband Tubing with Handles

 Sanctband’s resistive tubing comes with comfortable handles for ease of use and a door anchor for added options. It can be used seated, standing or for floor based exercises.

   Sanctband Super Loop Band

 To meet a higher demand for stronger & tougher resistance training, Sanctband’s Super Loop Band is the product to go for.

Due to its thickness, the Super Loop Band provides an even greater resistance when it comes to athletic training and it also simulates workouts done at the gym.

With the right resistance, any workout is made possible with the Sanctband Super Loop Band.

   Sanctband Mini Loop Band

 The smallest exercise band in the line, the Sanctband Mini Loop Band provides a more intense workout that focuses on isolated muscle groups, be it in a clinical setting or to step it up a notch by increasing the intensity & variety of existing workouts.

Unlike the Sanctband Resistance Exercise Band, the Mini Loop Band provides only a limited range of movements.
Nevertheless, workouts such as planks & squats can be pushed to the absolute max by incorporating the Mini Loop Band into these workouts.

   Sanctband Resistance Exercise Band

 Sanctband Resistive Exercise Bands, the one-stop workout and fitness tool you need to achieve a well-toned and lean body figure.

Sanctband Resistive Exercise Bands can be used to incorporate various exercises into one full body workout routine.

Arms, shoulders, thighs, you name it. 

   Lower Body Exercises with Sanctband Active Resistive Band

 Learn some basic lower body exercise moves with Sanctband Active Resistive Band.

As long as you perform high repetitions consistently, these resistance band exercises will help to tone & shape at the same time.

   Abdominal Exercises with Sanctband Active Resistive Band   

 Your abdominal area is the first place that fat gets stored.

It’s no wonder why so many people have big bellies in comparison to the rest of their body.
Learn some basic abdominal exercise moves with Sanctband Active Resistive Band video.

As long as you perform high repetitions consistently, these resistance band exercises will help to tone & shape at the same time.

   Sanctband Active Resistance Band - Arm Exercises

 Fun fitness ideas are closer to you now!

Shape Up with Sanctband Active Resistance Band - An effective, affordable and portable band to fit in a head to toe body tone and firmness anytime, anywhere - at home, on the road, or at the gym.

You can tuck it into your luggage or your desk drawer for on-the-spot exercise.

You may now customize this exercise to fit your fitness level by using a light (Pink), Medium (Orange), Heavy (Purple) and Extra Heavy (Blue) resistance band at different levels of pull force.