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Sanctband specialises in producing high quality latex-resistive exercise band and tubing for resistance training and rehabilitation products in the Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation, Fitness and Strength Training areas.Sanctband’s Powder Free and Reduced Protein exercise product addresses dissatisfaction for the messiness of conventional powdered products and also addresses the concern for latex allergy when using latex exercise product.To address these concerns, Sanctband’s exercise product is powder free and has reduced protein, thereby improving user comfort and also addressing the concern of latex allergy. Sanctband addresses the protein allergy in 2 ways. Firstly, Sanctband exercise products are treated to remove most of the protein content in the latex. Secondly, Sanctband exercise product is washed to remove excessive powder from the band, thereby reducing the possibility of the powder acting as a transport agent of proteins into the skin of users when contact is made.

Sanctband Australia encourages the use of Motion for Better health.